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Why AmsterdamGold

AmsterdamGold has a large team of specialists that can assist you in buying, storing and selling precious metals. With many years of experience in financial markets in general and particularly precious metals trading we know that trust is an important part of a successful transaction. Trust mainly comes with the experience of doing business, but some information beforehand can be helpful. That is why we have listed a few things you need to know about AmsterdamGold on this page.

Licensed by Dutch authority for financial markets

As the foremost retailer of precious metals in the Benelux we hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct. As a financial service provider we are licensed by the Dutch authority for financial markets (AFM), which means our standards of reliability, expertise and operations are regularly checked and found in good order.

We are very proud of being the first bullion retailer with this status, and invite you to visit the AFM registry.

Exclusive customs status

Precious metals are produced and traded globally and therefor require an extensive international trading network. To ensure safe and efficient international transactions AmsterdamGold obtained a special customs status, whereby the handling of our goods is expedited and the risks of loss or misplacement are minimized.

With this Authorized Economic Operator status we can ensure our customers quick delivery and optimal privacy.

Quality precious metals

At least as important as the quality of the service we provide is the quality of our products. AmsterdamGold offers the highest grade of precious metals as produced by smelters certified by the London Bullion Market Association and authorized to produce Good Delivery bars.

As for bullion coins we only work with internationally recognized and accepted mints, like the US Mint, the Canadian Mint, Münze Österreich, the Perth mint, the Chinese mint and the Dutch mint. We can therefor guarantee the fineness of any product we have on offer.

Audits and procedures

It would be impossible for AmsterdamGold to meet all the standards mentioned above, without dependable risk management and finance departments. That is why we have an internal compliance officer, and all the AmsterdamGold staff has, in addition to a Certificate of Good Conduct, undergone an extensive screening by the Ministry of Justice and the specialist safety consultancy bureau Pinkerton. And finally all procedures are checked and all holdings and administration audited several times a year by Ernst&Young.