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Maple Leaf MiniBox

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Exclusively available at AmsterdamGold the Maple Minibox. An attractive package with 100 x 1 troy ounce Silver Maple leaf coins for an even more attractive price.

Silver Maple Leaf coins

The silver Maple Leaf silver bullion coin has been issued in Canada since 1988 by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Purity and weight

The Maple Leaf has a purity of 999,9/1000 (pure silver) and is one of the purest silver coins that is available worldwide. The Maple Leaf weighs exactly 31,103 gram (1 troy ounce). The silver Maple Leaf is recognized world wide and therefore easily traded.


Silver Maple Leaf coins are packaged in tubes of 25, the special AmsterdamGold Maple Minibox contains 4 of these tubes. 

Newly minted silver coins

All silver Maple Leaf coins are newly struck.

Design of the Maple Leaf

The front side of this coin displays a maple leaf, a national symbol of Canada. On the backside of the coin there is a portrait of England's Queen Elizabeth II. The name of the queen, the purity grade, the face value and the issue year are also displayed on the back of the coin.

Purchasing silver coins

The silver Maple Leaf and all other silver coins offered by are known worldwide and recognized as having a high silver quantity. Therefore all silver coins sold by are easy to trade worldwide.

Silver coins in contrast to silver bars fall under the VAT-margin ruling and therefore, are not taxed with the 21% VAT. This makes silver coins a good option for individuals looking to invest in silver. More information about the margin ruling can be found in the section FAQ -Tax. also offers tax-free silver.