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5 gram Hereaus gold bar. These gold bars of 5 gram are manufactured in one of worlds finest and oldest refineries of precious Metals Argor - Hereaus. These bars are made in Swiss and all hold the Good Delivery status, This means they are widely recognized and easy to trade worldwide. All gold bars are newly poured and delivered in their original packaging.

5 gram Hereaus Gold Bar

Heraeaus is known as one of the biggest producers of gold and silverbars. They are accredited by the LBMA. All the Hereaus gold bars are marked with the official weight 999.9 certification and with a Argor - Hereaus stamp. Additionally, they hold the Good Delivery status which means that they are recognized world-wide as pure gold (999.9/1000). The Argor - Hereaus gold bars can be traded at any precious metal business or professional purchasing organization without needing any further analysis.

Hereaus gold bars

All gold bars are sealed and handled as investment gold and are therefore tax-free.

Exchange rates 5:35 Gold € 51.908 per kilo Silver € 688 per kilo
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